2017 Naughty 9's Winners!

2017 Naughty 9's Winners!

The K Ranch Naught Nines 2017 paid 120,000 in cash & prizes over the 4 days of intense team roping, our first place getters who took home $20,000 two quickfire hot heels dummy's and buckles were Lachlan Smith and Jarrad Fielder there were 107.18 over 8 head 

2nd place was given to Aaron bookluck and Mick gaffey both receiving $8,000 each 

3rd place was Emma Peters and Michael wilkinson both receiving $6,000 each 

4th place was Michael Kearney and Warren Byers receiving $4,000 each 

5th place was Mick Reynolds and Clint Slater  receiving $2,000 each 

Also our #7 incentive winners were a Father and Son combination, Justin Searle and Jackson Searle  both receiving $750 each and Naughty Nines Buckles. 

The Naughty Nines paid all the way to 20th place with place getters receiving cash and prizes from our sponsors Classic Equine and resistol