NSW Reining Horse Association Show

NSW Reining Horse Association Show

The NSW Reining Horse Association, Inc., started in the mid eighties when a group of western horse people in the Sydney area got together to run reining and cow horse shows. In fact the association started as the N.S.W. Reining and Reined Cow Horse Association.

 After the formation of the RHAA in 1988, reining in Australia had at last a national body to champion the cause of reining on a national level. The club changed its name to the N.S.W. Reining Horse Association to better reflect the direction its members were taking. In the early years the club ran a full show program, including Western Pleasure, Trail, Hunter Under Saddle and Cow Horse classes every month. As the reining horse industry matured in Australia, so the focus of the club became more specialised.

As there is a specific need of the reining horse for good, consistent ground, the club became renowned for repairing the Horseworld surface and other users of Horseworld came to appreciate the efforts of the reiners in improving the quality of ground at the complex.

After the private sale of Horseworld & K Ranch Arena being built in the Sydney area in 2015 the club promptly came to inspect our arena here in hopes of finding a new home.... and at home they've been since. They add a wide demographic of expertise to our venue & have helped us make many improvements. A club we are quite proud to be a part of.

With a long history and a bright future it makes sense to be part of the NSW Reining Horse Association, Inc

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